My Leap into the Musical World of Acoustic Sounds

“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a longing to learn how to play the piano or guitar.  Of course asking mom to invest in said instrument, which could very likely be a typical teenage phase, seemed a bit extreme and never quite got around to guitar lessons or purchasing one, which would have been a far cheaper investment than the piano.

I’m a great advocate in believing music is food for the soul, it has the ability to make time stand still and alight our senses like nothing we imagined.  And so one morning I woke up and knew that I would finally indulge in that need to learn to play the guitar.  And so started my journey into the exciting world of acoustic melodies.

Alvarez - AD60SCDMonday 10 September 2007, saw me taking a little road trip into Camperdown, about 50 minutes to a highly recommended music store – Billy Hide Music.  And so glad I did.  The selection of instruments was phenomenal; a double story ‘warehouse’ type building, lined from floor to ceiling with an astonishing range of instruments, each within their own designated area and lovingly displayed.  To say I felt like a kid in a candy store, would be a mild understatement.

I walk several feet beyond the pianos and enter another inspiring domain – acoustic guitars.  I’m almost blinded by the beauty of raw polished wood and superb craftsmanship – guitars hanging on all four walls and covering almost every square inch of floor space.

Next was the sweet part; making myself comfortable to test the merchandise.   Bliss.

So now I am the proud owner of my very first musical instrument.  Next step; lessons, then one day I might even take a stab at writing my own music …. stranger things have happened.

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