Sydney Living – a Happy You

A friend recently steered me in the direction of a snippet from Bill Bryson’s book titled “In a Sunburned Country”.  He describes people who work in Sydney and commute by ferry …“An air of cheerful industriousness suffuses the scene.  These are people who get to live in a safe and fair-minded society, in a climate that makes you strong and handsome, in one of the world’s great cities – and they get to come to work on a boat from a children’s storybook, across a sublime plane of water, and each morning glance up from their Herald’s and Telegraph’s to see that famous Opera House and inspiring bridge and the laughing face of Luna Park.  No wonder they all look so damned happy!”

I couldn’t think of a more apt description.  Even those who don’t travel on the ferry, but have ventured down to Circular Quay and sat on a bench to ‘people watch’, or simply relax and marvel at their surroundings, have front row seats to our famous landmarks.

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