Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and events, some good, some bad, some euphoric and some truly soul destroying, and what doesn’t kill you is bound to make you stronger.  What they don’t tell you is the suffering you endure in the process slowly eating away a little part of your soul and your heart, leaving a distinct weak spot that never truly heals.  On the surface, all appears stable and strong, but lurking below, sitting dormant; just waiting for the next jolt of pain.

That crazy little thing called love, can put you on top of the world, make you behave reckless, all the while reveling in every minute. Every day becomes a new adventure, a new memory to cherish. Yet it has the power to pull you down so low, so quickly and make you question every moment and every decision. Planting that little seed of self-doubt, breeding insecurities that were never there before.

At times there are no words to express what you truly feel, should you ever feel the inclination to even want to voice it, but you can always count on lyrics to explicitly convey exactly what one feels.

A song by John Mayer “Heartbreak Warfare”, perfectly conveys heartbreak and break up’s.   It’s a perfect collaboration of melody, tone and lyrics; a sublime combination.

“Lightning strikes inside my chest to keep me up at night,
Dream of ways to make you understand my pain,
Clouds of sulfur in the air, bombs are falling everywhere,
It’s heartbreak warfare,
Once you want it to begin, no one really every wins,
It’s heartbreak warfare,
If you want more love, why don’t you say so?
Drop his name, push it in and twist the knife again,
Watch my face as I pretend to feel no pain ..”

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