2012 is my year to start living again.  Add new experiences, visit new places and complete my Bucket List.  My aim is to be proactive and experience at least 1 new thing or location every month.  Break away from my ‘every day life’ every now and then and revive my mind and body.  Australia is such an amazing place with so many treasures to experience, so many opportunities, the city really is your oyster and the land a never ending well of opportunities to grab.

2012 marks my 35th birthday. Whilst I acknowledge I’m still young, some days, I’m ashamed to admit I feel old and worn out.  More times than I can remember, I ask myself ‘when does it get easier’!  Needless to say, no divine intervention stepped down and swooped me off my feet to a happy land.  So a happy land I shall have to forgo and try and recreate myself with some determination, hard work and proactivity.

2010 and 2011 was a somewhat tumultuous time for me. I had my world rocked, then had it come crashing down.  Love, Health, Friendships, Hobbies and Work. These things that make up ones life can have a horrible impact on sense of well being, your life, both good and bad.  This year, I’m determined to steer clear of those forces that have the potential for negative influence on my life and my sanity that I know with almost certainlyassist in my emotional and physical demise.  And surround myself with positive people, positive energy and aspects that emit happy endorphins.  And hereby starting with my Bucket List, both professional and Personal. So far it’s been good medicine amidst resolving old issues.

I'm always happy to receive feedback from readers and fellow bloggers.

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