Family Reunion in South Africa

Where does the time go? That age old question that eludes us at the best of times. I’m shocked to realize how long it’s been since I’ve last blogged and how much has happened in my life since. So I’ll skip forward several months and another year older, as I slowly make my descent toward  40, which strangely enough, I’m looking forward to.

April-March this year I took 5.5 weeks off from work to finally go back to South Africa and visit my family, long overdue as I hadn’t seen my mom in over 3 years and my extended family, possibly over 12 years.  So a family reunion thrown into my 6 week tour of Cape Town turned out to be such an incredible journey.

While this trip held the specific purpose of a family reunion for my Aunt Linda’s 60th Birthday. I think we’d realized how poor it was that we only ever flew in from all corners of the world when there was a funeral and we’ve had too many of those. Next occasion would be a happy one and so we were all given advanced notice to get our butts in gear, save, book our trip and get there in April for a reunion.

To summarize, it was awesome, tearful, tiring, exciting, exasperating. You can imagine trying to coordinate 4 families; 17 individuals for daily outings when everyone has a different opinion and personality clashes and mood swings and so on. It was adventurous and trying at the best of times, but in the end, I loved and relished every minute.

My cousins and I (Angie and I especially) reconnected after well over a decade of being apart and living on different continents and discovered so much about each other again. Amazing what time can do. And how the bonds of family can never be severed no matter how much time passes. I’m ever so grateful to have had the time off and that I was fortunate enough to reconnect with my loved ones. My mom Wendy, especially. You’re all I have and mean the absolute world to me.

So I’ll attempt to record a few of my adventures here, least I forget. Two weeks spent in Johannesburg with my mom, then 4 weeks touring Cape Town for an actual vacation and in between our family reunion for my Aunt’s 60th.

More to come …

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