How can one Measure Happiness?

The Girls

Often, I think about the people who have come into my life, the purpose they’ve served, those who have hurt me, abused me, misplaced my trust, taken me for granted, been toxic in my well being and then I remember those who have reminded me again that there are good, sincere, genuine people who will stick around, support you, wont’ judge you, won’t deliberately hurt you, will be loyal, with laugh with you and at you, who will listen and respect what you have to say.   And it really comes down to this simple philosophy.  The better quality relationships you have, is a fool proof recipe for happiness.

I’m lucky to have some quality relationships and people in my life that make up for those who have left. Three wonderful girls … ladies …. woman …. chicks.  :-).  Three in particular that I spend most of my free time with that bring sunshine into my life:

Anissa.  My friend who has a heart that would save the world if it were within her power, each and every mammal that roams this earth and more.  Your conviction for love of our Planet, your passion in doing your part to nurture and protect and educate mother nature, is both astounding and a beautiful thing to watch and hear you regale tales of your adventures, you passion, your work.  You are a quiet spirit that is deserving of so much love.  You make me see things through new eyes and I’m thankful for such a beautiful soul to share quality time with.

Keiko-San.  My lovely Japanese friend.  A lady that has come to love and look after me as a mother would. And so I am grateful to you and love you dearly, Mama Keiko-San.  You are a treasure that I’ve been fortunate to have found.  You bring us endless hours of laughter with your witty sense of humour, you very cute Jinglish and your endless tales on the life that you go after with gusto and utilize every second of every day.  You are a source of inspiration in the life your lead.  Proof that age is only just a number and every day is precious and should be lived with love, with laughter with purpose and with curiosity. And you teach us that gambling can be done on a budget!

Myrza.  My treasure. We met, we cliqued and what a surprise to have made such a close friend who is a fellow South African. Which makes me feel infinity closer to you. Someone who understands my roots, my manner, my sense of humour, accepts me for all my faults, my nuances and encourages me to be myself.  You are my source of comfort, and my partner in crime.  Thank you for being there.

And so to these special ladies in my life, Thank You for all that you are and all that you do.  I love our evening and days out, the big things we do, the little things we do and I love the familiar comforting traditions that have come to pass, our outings that must always end in a scoop or two of Gelato or Sorbet for me. Quality time with quality girls.  You are truly the best medication.

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1526785_722881921097508_800796688_nWhat is it that constitutes a valuable relationship? A few distinct traits come to mind for me;

Listen; I know sometimes it’s best just to listen.  Try and understand from someone else’s point of view.  You don’t always have to have the answers. Sometimes there aren’t really answers, but the comfort of having someone there to offload to, is comfort enough.

Communicate; sometimes it’s as simple a fix as asking what they want or need.  We can’t always assume that we know what will remedy a situation, but asking the simple question can be the simplest solution.  It’s also vital to keep in contact.  Be it once a week at the very least.  A simple form of communication such as a text, an email, a phone call, FB.  There is no excuse for not dropping in for a one line showing you’re still here and thinking about them.

Affection; it’s no secret to my friends, I’m an affectionate person. I love a good hug. I love a genuine smile directed at me, for me and visa versa.  It’s human nature to need human contact and the simple act of a hug is more nourishing than you can imagine.


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  1. Myrza Muller says:

    I value and appreciate you… A lot!! Thanx for the kind words… Here’s to a long and wonderful friendship! Cheers!!


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