In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”  What subject keeps you coming back?

Those who know me no doubt might tire of seeing photos of abandoned and old.  It’s a weakness, what can I say. I am passionate and get terribly excited when I come across dust and dirt and grime and decay.  I love watching how mother nature, human neglect and the natural elements can transform everyday objects and buildings into a different kind of beauty and my muse today; the Loftus Tram Sheds.

This jewel I discovered several years back, a nice little hidden treasure from the road and only known through word of mouth, wish I could say it’s my little kept secret but after having photographed this wonder, it’s now become a relatively common place to shoot, if one is into Urban Photography of course.

For me, it’s a little bit of a drug and I’ve been back countless times to shoot the trams.  There’s an invisible pull that draws me in.  Yes, the trams don’t go anywhere. Yes they still look the same.  Yes, there’s still the same amount of light that seeps through thousands of pin size holes in the metal roofing but every time I’m there, I see it through new eyes. There’s a different angle to shoot and whilst they might all look the same to the average person. I see each photo as an individual with different elements.  And no doubt, this will also not be my last post on this location or my last shoot.

There’s also something wondrous about the sound of crunching glass beneath your feet. The smell of corroding metal.  The odd little snake that weaves past your feet.  The dust you can feel you’re breathing in.  It’s absolutely spellbinding and such an incredible experience.


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