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What does your Blog and Tagline say about you?  What do you want it to say about you?  Should we spend hours obsessing about this one little aspect that is our entire bloggersphere with the expectations that it has to be something so outstanding, to rival all other blogs?  This to some, could be stressful in itself, to others a 10 minute thought process that comes together like a well seasoned pot roast.

Our WordPress Blogging 101 Daily Writing prompt today is to Review your blog Title and Tagline.

My Blog Title:

My blog title – this one I’ve mulled over for days, weeks, months and years.  Yes, I’ve been blogging for about 6 years. Granted in small doses at first that has slowly taken over and it’s a little bit of a drug to get lost with electronic pen and paper.  But now that I’ve consciously been asked the question of reviewing my Title, it’s dawned on me this was never a dilemma as I still come back to the same conclusion. That being my title still is and will always remain my name.   Unoriginal – perhaps.  Lacking in creativity – probably.  But I think my character in real life makes up for my ‘character-less’ Title in my header.

My personal view on Blog Titles is this.  I spend hours browsing the web, reading blog after blog after blog and inadvertently this is how one comes across a multitude of blogs, by clicking on a link within a blog you’re currently reading, which takes you to yet another blog, which  will invariably have yet another link to take you to another blog or content matter elsewhere and before you know it, you’ve

spent the better part of 2 hours perusing countless blogs.  Half of which you won’t have remembered the name because it consists of some bazaar expression that hardly makes grammatical sense but is certainly punchy.

If the content of a blog resonates with me, I make a point of checking out their About page to find out their name and an overview of the creator of this content that has caught my eye.  Their fancy blog title, as obscure as some are, are not memorable to me and my brain does not really process this.  But a name and a face are memorable and it’s these details I remember.

And so my point is this. We process names and retain information  of artists, photographers, bloggers that inspire or interest us and we’re more inclined to recall their name, their identity as opposed to a set of random words that most times do not convey the very specific content  of their blog.

Here are a few that I find hard to remember and had to go back and do a google search for the exact name of the blog again, but through connecting with the owners of these blogs and commenting/liking their posts and images.  Their names are ingrained in my brain far more strongly than the url and/or title they’ve given their blog.   But again, that’s just my personal opinion.

    Author of this blog is KIM from Brisbane.  I came across his blog since joining the WordPress Weekly Photo challenge.  Love his content.  Love his writing style and look forward to his weekly posts on the challenges and anything else he might post.  I also like the fact that he’s from Brisbane.  Someone on my shores.Unfortunately though I’m unable to recall the url of his blog.  I remember it being an interesting play on words. For example spelling ‘thru’ as opposed to ‘through’ and ‘mi’ as opposed to ‘my’.  But when you put the words together as they stand all in lower case as well as opposed to sentence case ‘thumieyes’, my brain doesn’t automatically articulates with ease.  And once you’re at his blog, the title in the header states ‘DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE??”  This title for me is easier to remember.  But that being said, I guess I’m an old fashion girl and still prefer a name.  I certainly remember his name and a great B&W profile picture which stands out.
    Author of this blog is Trey Ratcliff.  Another one where I recall the Photographer’s name rather than the random name of his blog.  Absolutely superb site for incredible imagery plus great HDR tutorials.The name Stuck in Customs, whilst catchy, when you’ve built a list of 50 odd photography blogs or Photographers you follow whom you admire, it can get hard to associate or recall random names.  For me again, easier to type in the name of the person I know into Google and ‘presto’, up they pop in my search engine.
    Here’s another example of a title that your brain might take a few more seconds to articulate.  At a quick glance, you think you’re reading ‘photographer’. At another glance, you think you see the word ‘blog.  Then realize, no there’s the word ‘photo’ in there. But on closer inspection. It’s actually ‘pho’.   Again too much for me to try and assimilate.  Keeping it simple words for me and more memorable.

Here are some blogs that are simply titled their Name.  As the blogger/subject matter is of relevance to me, I remember these and yes, of course, some of these photographer’s are somewhat of celebrities in their field.  So fairly easy to retain their name.

    Who hasn’t heard of Chase Jarvis. Great photographic content and incredible photographer.  He’s blog title and name are easier to remember and google search.  However I gather the fact that he’s such a well known photographer makes it somewhat easier.
    Richard I’Anson.  My favourite Travel Photographer. A man with exceptional talent.  Humble, down to earth and it goes without saying that his photography is out of this world.  He’s a household name in Australia and this is what you remember.  And so it’s easy to locate his site. As it’s simply his name.  Simple, Clean and memorable.

My Tagline:

Having said that, I have actioned part II of this prompt and have now included a Tagline, which I’ve never had before which I’m hoping somewhat summarizes the content you’ll find within my pages.  However as is synonymous with me and being a lover of change, no doubt this Tagline too will change every other month.  Because let’s face it, who wants to read the same sentence or phrase day in and day out especially if you’re browsing a particularly blog fairly regularly.  And for me to look at that same sentence several times a week to log in and update posts or add new ones or check feedback etc.  I’d surely go nuts.  Sorry, scrap that. I know I will go nuts to see the same sentence etched into the top of my monitor every time I log on or click between pages.  So be sure to watch this space as I’ll find an alternative spill of relaying the content of this blog to you in my Tagline.

As always, I welcome any feedback in the ‘Leave a Reply section’.  Especially views on what fellow bloggers feel about Blog Names and how do you go about deciding what type of tagline to include; do you prefer a catchy phrase or a short summary of what your blog encompasses.  And what are your views on Blog Titles.  Do you articulate a name easier than a Phrase or Visa Versa.

Happy Blogging, until next time.

2 Comments on “Taking Control of your Title and Tagline

  1. Your tag line is a bit long and should be shortened to a phrase. What you have now should be on your ‘about me’ page. I hope you don’t mind the constructive criticism.
    Have fun blogging!

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    • Agree. I also thought it was too long. But thought I’d leave it as is for now until I’ve had some more inspiration to come up with something short and sweet! Hopefully that inspiration will hit me in the next few days. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

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