Develop a regular feature.  Why, you ask?

“We’re all creatures of habit, bloggers and readers.  Posting regularly ensures our writing remains sustainable. Even a personal blog of random musings benefits from a hint of structure with a steady stream of content and gives readers something to await at regular intervals”

After minimal deliberation, it was a no-brainer that my regular content would be to showcase all that my city and surrounds has to offer.  And so to my readers out there, every second Sunday a new post shall go up that highlights the wonders that encompass this amazing State I live in; Sydney NSW Australia and surrounds.

I’ll reveal hidden treasures, underground pubs, historical locations, architectural finds, dining, touristy stuff and any other tidbits that showcase Sydney, that have evoked my senses over the years.

Tune in the last Sunday of the month for your Sunday Feature: Sydney Revealed.

2 Comments on “Sydney Revealed – new monthly feature

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