Anyone out there ever feel some days that you’re life is overwhelming, you’re drowning in your space, and feel like you need a serous overhaul on de cluttering your life, which let’s face it, are all interlinked; home, personal and work and life can get in the way and tend to be overwhelming, even for those who are super organised and OCD, might still sometimes feel unmotivated, stressed and need a little outsider ‘kick in the backside’ to re energise you again and give you some motivation and a fresh pair of eyes to get your life and home reorganised and back on track.

Well, here’s a little help.  Starting on 1 September, the lovely Helen Edwards from Recycled Interiors is running a free 30 Day Challenge ‘30 Days to a Happy Healthy Home‘.   And let’s face it. Who doesn’t want HAPPY and who will turn down HEALTHY?

The challenge starts on 1 September and will entail daily prompts to make one small change everyday.  If some of them are not relevant to you, don’t stress, leave it out and spend more time on the challenges that do apply to you.  I like the sound of that. Small healthy bite size changes.  Those who know me. Will know I’m always first in line with my hand up to accept change. I find it invigorating, refreshing and some times can literally bring on a new lease in life.

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