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Cokeworks in the Illawarra ceases operation

  Perched upon a cliff overlooking the grandeur of the Grand Pacific Drive in Coalcliff, New South Wales, stands lost history that fell short of 1 year to earn its 100 year milestone. Located in the scenic Ilawarra region of New South Wales Australia, in December 2012, employees of the Illawarra Coke Company (ICC), in 1966 owning both the Coalcliff and Corrimal Cokeworks, would … Read More Cokeworks in the Illawarra ceases operation

+ Abandoned St Johns Orphanage in Goulburn. Image by Ruth Spitzer

Orphanage abandoned after 66 years of operation

Just off the main road through Goulburn NSW, you turn into a quiet road that leads you up an uneven street for a short distance before stopping before No 52 Mundy Street on your left.  In the peak of a NSW Summer, the ground is sparsely covered with barely a blade of grass that ordinarily would be lush with growth.  There’s an air of … Read More Orphanage abandoned after 66 years of operation

+ Homebush-Bay-Shipwrecks

Graveyard of a different kind at Homebush Bay, Sydney Olympic Park

On the banks of the Parramatta River at Homebush Bay, you’ll find yourself gaping in wonder as you gaze upon 1140 tonnes of a beautiful rusted steel-hulled steam collier,  a mere few meters from where you’re standing on the bank.  The SS Ayrfield, one of the four shipwrecks that currently reside permanently in a state of gorgeous decay at Homebush Bay that served in … Read More Graveyard of a different kind at Homebush Bay, Sydney Olympic Park

+ The-Mittagong-Maltings-Tooth-and-Co

Mittagong Maltings Brewery – 30 Years of Decay Stands Proud

Not many can deny an unmistakable attraction to a decaying structure that still standing today in various degrees of disrepair and rot. And an added bonus when such said structure, location or building is within fairly easy access for one to visit and photograph.

+ The-Mittagong-Maltings-Manager's-Residence

Abandoned Manager’s Residence at Mittagong Maltings

An extension of a previous post 30 Years of Decay Stands Proud – Mittagong Maltings, adjacent to Malthouse No 3 lies the Managers Residence, a quaint little house which according to records is known as the ‘Tooth’s Brewery Manager’s Residence’, although one could almost call it a cottage which leans toward a much more homely description as that is what I found the minute I … Read More Abandoned Manager’s Residence at Mittagong Maltings

+ Abandoned-Caringbah-High-School

Decaying Structure of local Caringbah High School

Nestled in the heart of the Sutherland Shire, along Willarong Road, you’ll drive by what is now the abandoned Southern Campus of Caringbah High School or informally known as ‘top school’.  Up until 2007, both the Northern and Southern campus’s were linked by a covered walkway, but due to unstable clay foundations, the ‘top school’ was deemed unfit and has now become a site … Read More Decaying Structure of local Caringbah High School


Urban Decay; Dunlop Slazenger Factory

A modern day ruin brings with it, every bit of nostalgia and intrigued as an 1800 architectural wonder filled with stories of family and heartbreak, deceit and abandonment.  One such ruin at present (Feb 2014) still stands in Bowden Street, Alexandria in New South Wales, Australia – the old Dunlop/Slazenger factory, thought to have closed already some 20 years ago.

+ The-Abbey-Annandale-NSW

The Abbey, Haunted Gothic Mansion

Imagine a love story that never had the chance to flourish, instead will forever be tainted with sadness and death, and a house, built with an overwhelming sense of romance and promise, never to see the light of day, now given up to ghosts that have taken residence in what should have been a happy home filled with light, love and family; such a house is … Read More The Abbey, Haunted Gothic Mansion


In Ruins

I work for a travel company and the first thing folks always ask me is “oh you must get to travel often and see the world”.  This is a gross misconception.   A sad fact to report, but unfortunately working for a travel company grants me no less or no more than Joe Bloggs who works in the Retail or Manufacturing Industry. The reality … Read More In Ruins

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