Junkyard of treasures

              Ever felt like immersing yourself in those treasures long forgotten, the kind where you’re transported back into time, standing in your grandparents house, gazing at common household items that seemed as far up there with technology and growth as you could ever imagine – well today in April,…

Lead a Double Life

About an hour and a half north west of Melbourne, Victoria,  Australia, lays the most charming village called Daylesford, nestled in a region well known for its outstanding food and wine and boasts the highest concentration of natural mineral springs.

Expedia ‘where you book matters’

Expedia.com.au  recently launched their first TV and Cinema campaign in May 2010, to coincide with our brand overhaul, complete with a new tag line, something we haven’t had to date in the Australian Market.  Now there’s something to be said for the anticipation that grows, the expectations and a little bit of excitement in waiting to reveal…

Smart little squeeze

In 2008, Expedia.com.au  ran a SmartCar Campaign, securing a fleet of SmartCars, enveloped in our signature colour; adorned with advertisements representing various amazing locations across the world – hard to miss.

Stranded Ashore

In June 2007, severe weather hits Newcastle, two hours north of Sydney where 56 ships are forewarned to move out to sea to escape the approaching storm. One of those vessels fails to head the warnings. As a result the 40,000 tonne coal ship, named ‘Pasha Balker’ finds herself grounded on the beach, a mere 30metres from shore.