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In Ruins

I work for a travel company and the first thing folks always ask me is “oh you must get to travel often and see the world”.  This is a gross misconception.   A sad fact to report, but unfortunately working for a travel company grants me no less or no more than Joe Bloggs who works in the Retail or Manufacturing Industry. The reality … Read More In Ruins


Family Reunion in South Africa

Where does the time go? That age old question that eludes us at the best of times. I’m shocked to realize how long it’s been since I’ve last blogged and how much has happened in my life since. So I’ll skip forward several months and another year older, as I slowly make my descent toward  40, which strangely enough, I’m looking forward to. April-March … Read More Family Reunion in South Africa


Homeward Bound, South Africa – Part 1

How one wishes we could literally drop kick our day job, pack a bag or two, destination unknown and sail off into the bliss with the promise of travel adventures on the horizon for the unforeseen future.  Alas that is but a pipe dream, but for me, I did however get to experience bliss for five weeks in the beautiful Mother City that is … Read More Homeward Bound, South Africa – Part 1

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