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Election Day conundrums

So the day of reckoning arrives, Saturday 2 July to say my faith is and has wavered is an understatement when it comes to putting ones trust in a political party and perform your civic duty to vote. For years I’ve been a faithful Liberal supporter … 9am, I head for Miranda North Public School, 4 minutes drive from home.  Upon walking up to the front … Read More Election Day conundrums

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Things I’ve Learnt

  Mistakes are inevitable, they’re needed.  They’re the experiences that mould us, that enable us to grow. They’re also the experiences that debilitate us or set us free.  But ultimately it’s our lot in life to make mistakes.  Yes, that age old adage of ‘you learn from your mistakes’ and whilst some we do. I believe some we continue to make over and over. … Read More Things I’ve Learnt


I Write Because …

Every living breathing soul, has something to say.  Immaterial of how irrelevant or how profound.  We draw on experiences, observations and opinions we wish to express. For most of us, there is an innate need to verbalise internally or externally our feelings, our thoughts, our processes and these in turn are what motivates us to lay down these thoughts, even if from poignant moments in our life. Todays WP … Read More I Write Because …

An acapella African thunderstorm like no other

The Angel City Chorale based in Las Angeles performs an acapella rendition of Toto’s Africa that will make you cry, reminisce and sing at the same time.  As you listen you find yourself shedding a silent tear at the sheer beauty of the performance whilst swaying to and fro from the tranquil melody, and smiling and clicking your fingers in tune to the beat. … Read More An acapella African thunderstorm like no other

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Tattoo …. Me

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattoo….You?.” Had I acted upon this desire in my youth, my mother would have literally scalded me with words no young lady should be privy to (and thankfully I never confessed to being a lady), compliments of growing up with my father, to which I am eternally grateful for.  But mom on the other hand, watched me … Read More Tattoo …. Me

Always Something There to Remind Me

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Always Something There to Remind Me.” “A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place.  Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why?” Having one’s iPhone on shuffle, getting through 4,500 songs, every so often Cheryl Crow will eventually serenade me with My Favourite Mistake and I’m instantly transported … Read More Always Something There to Remind Me

The Art of Letting Someone Down Easy

Post divorce followed by another long term relationship, now both in the proverbial bin.  I’d let the dust well and truly settle and was quite content to let matters of the heart be, but the powers of loving friends who spur you on to do stupid things got the better of me. Armed with ignorance! I ventured into online dating.  Got off to an … Read More The Art of Letting Someone Down Easy

Write to your Ideal Reader

Blogging 101 prompt … When it comes to first dates, are our apparent perception of those dates we assume are going well, essentially just the inevitable prelude to what will invariably come to pass, the ever so sincere “it’s not you, it’s me” speech or “I’m not at the right place in my life to dedicate to a new relationship” or some variation of … Read More Write to your Ideal Reader

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How can one Measure Happiness?

Often, I think about the people who have come into my life, the purpose they’ve served, those who have hurt me, abused me, misplaced my trust, taken me for granted, been toxic in my well being and then I remember those who have reminded me again that there are good, sincere, genuine people who will stick around, support you, wont’ judge you, won’t deliberately hurt … Read More How can one Measure Happiness?


Beginnings and Inevitable Endings

Approximately 79 000  minutes ago, it seems fate intervened in my life, granted fate has never been a positive influence in my life, so let’s instead say some beautiful star up there bestowed upon me an unexpected amazing human being in the form of a grounded, beautiful man, that passed through my life, albeit briefly.  A blissful whirlwind of sorts that swept in, made … Read More Beginnings and Inevitable Endings

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50 Shades of Sensory Delights

The heat leading up to Valentines’ this year, got hotter than a raging inferno, all wrapped up in a stylish, sexy grey suit and a somewhat dull default white shirt (which one can’t argue, he wore exceptionally well), and a pair of smoking hot ‘come hither’ hypnotic grey eyes.  This phenomenon that swept the nation is none other than the enigma that is Christian … Read More 50 Shades of Sensory Delights


Family Reunion in South Africa

Where does the time go? That age old question that eludes us at the best of times. I’m shocked to realize how long it’s been since I’ve last blogged and how much has happened in my life since. So I’ll skip forward several months and another year older, as I slowly make my descent toward  40, which strangely enough, I’m looking forward to. April-March … Read More Family Reunion in South Africa

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