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Up, up and away in our nations capital, Canberra

A hive of atmosphere where sights, smells and sounds tantalize the senses.  It’s 5:45am, the sky above is still a dark haze with the odd star still burning surprisingly bright. The air is fresh with a delicate crispness and you can feel yourself slowly waking up, naturally with the aid of a great warm latte thanks to the plentiful vendors set up and ready … Read More Up, up and away in our nations capital, Canberra


Homeward Bound, South Africa – Part 1

How one wishes we could literally drop kick our day job, pack a bag or two, destination unknown and sail off into the bliss with the promise of travel adventures on the horizon for the unforeseen future.  Alas that is but a pipe dream, but for me, I did however get to experience bliss for five weeks in the beautiful Mother City that is … Read More Homeward Bound, South Africa – Part 1

Expedia ‘where you book matters’  recently launched their first TV and Cinema campaign in May 2010, to coincide with our brand overhaul, complete with a new tag line, something we haven’t had to date in the Australian Market.  Now there’s something to be said for the anticipation that grows, the expectations and a little bit of excitement in waiting to reveal our new ad, which aired for the first time … Read More Expedia ‘where you book matters’

Smart little squeeze

In 2008,  ran a SmartCar Campaign, securing a fleet of SmartCars, enveloped in our signature colour; adorned with advertisements representing various amazing locations across the world – hard to miss.

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