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Taralga Rodeo 2015

There’s something to be said for patiently waiting for a certain time of year to come round, akin to a child eagerly awaiting Santa to come sliding down that chimney.  In preparation they’ve carefully laid out a plate of cookies and a glass of hearty milk lovingly poured and sitting within reach of the chimney for Santa to make his grand entrance and be … Read More Taralga Rodeo 2015


Saddle Up, it’s 2014 Rodeo time

Australia Day has delightfully come around again. And what does this mean; the great Australian BBQ, Vitamin D in the form of mother nature, beer and plenty of it, and a general sense of spirit.  It’s amazing how Australians come together on one day a year and truly let their hair down and celebrate and indulge in family time, friends time and just time … Read More Saddle Up, it’s 2014 Rodeo time


Taralga Rodeo 2012

Every year in honour of Australia Day, January 2012 – we headed 2.5 south west of Sutherland to Rodeo town, Taralga in country NSW.   Yes, just as you see it on American TV, except right here in good old Australia, and what a truly awesome experience.  My first ever. The Taralga Rodeo, an annual event, bursting with energy, smells and sights to elicit a sensory … Read More Taralga Rodeo 2012

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