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Beginnings and Inevitable Endings

Approximately 79 000  minutes ago, it seems fate intervened in my life, granted fate has never been a positive influence in my life, so let’s instead say some beautiful star up there bestowed upon me an unexpected amazing human being in the form of a grounded, beautiful man, that passed through my life, albeit briefly.  A blissful whirlwind of sorts that swept in, made … Read More Beginnings and Inevitable Endings

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50 Shades of Sensory Delights

The heat leading up to Valentines’ this year, got hotter than a raging inferno, all wrapped up in a stylish, sexy grey suit and a somewhat dull default white shirt (which one can’t argue, he wore exceptionally well), and a pair of smoking hot ‘come hither’ hypnotic grey eyes.  This phenomenon that swept the nation is none other than the enigma that is Christian … Read More 50 Shades of Sensory Delights

Hands up to Office Shenanigans

As the silly season fast approaches yet again, one can’t help but be made intensely aware of a myriad of celebrations that usually accompany the festive season; the obligatory client lunches, generally starting mid afternoon, proceeded by two glasses, that eventually become two bottles and a glance at the watch tells you the work day is practically over but no one will miss you … Read More Hands up to Office Shenanigans

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