Smart little squeeze

In 2008,  ran a SmartCar Campaign, securing a fleet of SmartCars, enveloped in our signature colour; adorned with advertisements representing various amazing locations across the world – hard to miss.

In the lead up to our launch date, we decided to involve the office in a little outdoor fun, an exercise whereby testing our ability to cram as many staff as we could into one of these little wonders. Armed with a handful of eager Expedians, we headed down to the water and one by one, slowly piled into a SmartCar,  bodies contorting into weird and wonderful angles amidst a fit of giggles, eventually filling up every square inch of space. In the end, squeezing 12 bodies, hence the SmartCar Squeeze.

Watch the action below:

Following that, our official launch date, held in Bondi, along Campbell Parade.  A yellow SmartCar occupying every available parking space we could find.  And being so ridiculously small in size, once is able to squeeze just about two into an average car parking space.  What a sight and certainly attracted the locals.

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