Expedia ‘where you book matters’

Expedia.com.au  recently launched their first TV and Cinema campaign in May 2010, to coincide with our brand overhaul, complete with a new tag line, something we haven’t had to date in the Australian Market.  Now there’s something to be said for the anticipation that grows, the expectations and a little bit of excitement in waiting to reveal our new ad, which aired for the first time on Monday 4 May in cinemas across Australia and New Zealand.  Filmed outside of Goulburn, country NSW, about 2.5 hours drive from Sydney.

Whilst I can honestly say it was nothing close to what your mind conjures up, working for an on-line travel company, you would undoubtedly expect to see something representing action, fun, escaping to a remote exotic location, vibrant music, crystal clear waters, breathtaking landscapes, ancient architecture, everything that signifies the hidden treasures this world has to offer just waiting for the unsuspecting tourist to enjoy… but not this time.

This ad was totally different to any previous marketing we’ve engaged in.  Serene – evoking peace and calmness.  It was beautiful in its own right, just not what one expected, but then I did always love the element of surprise.  And I guess that’s the beauty in it – we all have different expectations and perceptions.  I will admit, I completely fell in love with the song. The full version anyway.

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