Lead a Double Life


About an hour and a half north west of Melbourne, Victoria,  Australia, lays the most charming village called Daylesford, nestled in a region well known for its outstanding food and wine and boasts the highest concentration of natural mineral springs.

In 2009, devastating bush fires swept through Victoria. In an attempt to boost tourism in Victoria again, an advertising campaign was created ‘Daylesford – Lead a Double Life’ featuring possibly the most spellbinding advertisement I have seen to date.  ‘by day you wander, pure and innocent – by night you indulge in decadent food and wine’.  It’s positively poetry in motion.

Granted, I could be biased, and will always be a Melbourne girl and what’s not to love. It’s decadent, it’s mesmering, it’s enticing. But alas Sydney is now home, and it certainly has its pros.

The campaign aims to reinforce achieving balance in your life.  The indulgence of incredible food, but then encouraging you to restore your inner well being through spas, massages and the mineral water experience, a perfect way to cleanse and rejuvenate.

The food, wine and natural spas aside, Daylesford hosts a stunning botanic garden, Historical Society Museum, galleries, shopping, markets, and my favourite; the Convent Church, an icon in Daylesford.  Those who have had the pleasure of visiting Daylesford will know how incredibly serene the town is and all it has to offer.  Those that live in Victoria, well worth a visit and those that don’t, what are you waiting for, hop on a plane and go discover yourself.

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