Junkyard of treasures








Ever felt like immersing yourself in those treasures long forgotten, the kind where you’re transported back into time, standing in your grandparents house, gazing at common household items that seemed as far up there with technology and growth as you could ever imagine – well today in April, my friends (Kelly Padman, Karen Bergan and Nikki Cross) and I found ourselves amongst those treasures again in a rather interesting place called The Junkyard in Londonderry, northwest of the Sydney CBD.

Recommended by an acquaintance, we were lead to believe it’s a treasure alcove of small common household items that could be incorporated into our art, well what a surprise when we drove through the front gates, I was speeches, in awe and absolutely delighted – the most beautiful sight before us and anything but small.

Relics long forgotten, to gaze at the amazing beauty on how these items have aged and marvel at things you only get to see recreated in movies these days.

Our first sight as we drove through the front gates were the most beautiful train carriages – old and weathered.  A simply stunning relic. Kelly and I went into imagination overdrive, conjuring up beautiful ideas of purchasing one, and fixing it up to create a haven of peace, a living space for us, our little getaway from the world – a ‘ladies cave’ if you will.








Sadly photos hardly do any justice. If ever it rang true; ‘you had to be there’, today would be one of those times.  Life size relics and objects, overwhelmingly beautiful, to touch and feel and smell.  Rust has an incredible smell. And the texture is gorgeous.








Standing amidst a pile of what is essentially junk, the smell of dust and mold permeating your senses as you gaze lovingly around you.  Luggage sets that transport you back in time.  Images of passengers, dressed in their finest, boarding the Titanic come to mind, their families stand ashore waving franticly, tears spilling down their cheeks and as they bid a last farewell.  All the while, their most worldly treasured possessions lovingly packed into these suitcases awaiting their next adventure.  My how times have changed.

This little beatify caught my attention.  Hoisted high above, proudly on display in all her former glory. A testament that degradation and rust and ageing is a beautiful thing.

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