Hands up to Office Shenanigans

As the silly season fast approaches yet again, one can’t help but be made intensely aware of a myriad of celebrations that usually accompany the festive season; the obligatory client lunches, generally starting mid afternoon, proceeded by two glasses, that eventually become two bottles and a glance at the watch tells you the work day is practically over but no one will miss you if you don’t reappear and spend what is possibly only two hours left of your official work day.

Yes, hopefully the client has the good grace to invite you somewhere that overlooks the water. And so two bottles now becomes four and before you know it, you’ve watched the sun dip well below the horizon, and the beautiful glow of a celestial sky is casting a gorgeous shimmer on the Sydney Harbour.  Oh yes, we definitely love the festive season, and this is generally the prelude to several weeks of repetitive wining and dining with those vendors and clients you ensure good relations are maintained throughout the year.

Next celebration on the list would be the famous or should that be the infamous annual office party.  I’ve just read a few statistics in the paper tonight on the dangers of looking for love at the office Christmas Party, naturally referring to those who are Single.  This could lead to a long term hangover long after the party has ended. And not the kind you get by immersing yourself in a delightful bottle of bourbon.  We’re been warned to “put down that extra glass of champers and avoid making a beeline for their office crush!  “A survey by dating website Zoosk.com.au found 70% of its members said it was not OK to get involved in an openly romantic interlude at the office.  As the ramifications of it becoming public would be too much to bear”

I can’t speak for the rest of the Aussie population, but I’m obviously working for the wrong company, because the chance of witnesses anything that exciting are few and far between in my office.  Whilst our staff definitely don’t shy away from a good night out and letting their hair down, it’s still done in a somewhat dignified, humorous and highly entertaining manner.

Mention office shenanigans and the first thought that comes to mind and elicits a good chuckle would be a vivid image of Bridget  Jones barking out some horrendous tune, cigarette in hand, alcohol well and truly absorbed into those veins and that delicious head gear… and some very entertaining interludes that follow with the adorable Hugh Grant.  I’m sure we can picture Miss Jones in the photocopy room engaged in some very interactive office flirtation.

In reality though, it’s hard to imagine these flirtations are common occurrences in any office environment, or maybe that’s just the point. They’re shenanigans for a reason.  And so I have to then applaud those few folks who are able to engage and keep their extracurricular activities  under wraps.  On the upside, I am a romantic at heart and an eternal optimist for others and so would like to believe that some office flirtations could very well lead to a very long and satisfyingly happy union.  Two unsuspecting colleagues, a little alcohol to give you that little boost of confidence and who knows where it might lead …

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