In Ruins

I work for a travel company and the first thing folks always ask me is “oh you must get to travel often and see the world”.  This is a gross misconception.   A sad fact to report, but unfortunately working for a travel company grants me no less or no more than Joe Bloggs who works in the Retail or Manufacturing Industry. The reality is we get the same leave allowance each year and workload permitting, long vacations are not always feasible, so I do the next best thing and take short sporadic breaks, often with the intention of finding locations that will fuel my photo passion and ensure I kill two birds with one stone;  a time out and a change of scenery to revitalize the mind and a photo opportunity to capture another small piece of history or beauty that makes up this incredible country I live in.

So when granted the luxury of a time out, suffice to say I’m scouring for items or places to photograph, preferably something old, forgotten, decaying or rusting and what luck would be on my side, during a recent trip back home to South Africa in May 2012,  not too far from my mom’s residence on several acres of ground, sits a beautiful structure in ruins, over years to weather the environment and destruction at the hands of humans.


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