Saddle Up, it’s 2014 Rodeo time

Australia Day has delightfully come around again. And what does this mean; the great Australian BBQ, Vitamin D in the form of mother nature, beer and plenty of it, and a general sense of spirit.  It’s amazing how Australians come together on one day a year and truly let their hair down and celebrate and indulge in family time, friends time and just time away from work and life.  And it’s also Rodeo time.  Our annual event, where we head 2.5  hours out of Sydney in NSW country for the annual Taralga rodeo.

This year, the weather has greeted us with beautiful hot intense sun but with comes the dust.  There’s no hiding from it, no shelter and it plays havoc with your camera and lens.  For those unlucky buggers who never thought to bring with them two bodies for both zoom and possible wide angle, well there was absolutely no chance they would even attempt changing lenses, not even in a sheltered position.


 But for those of us who did, we’re grinning from ear to ear, eating dust as we go along, but a small consolation for an amazing day out. Our clothes, camera bags, body are coated in a fairly consistent thick layer of dust, but totally worth it.  We’ll worry about cleaning up later tonight when we eventually make it home.  Much later.

 Everywhere you look and walk, it’s a sensory overload, from horses warming up in the paddock to enormous bulls mating in the pens or stomping restlessly about, heaving their weight against the bars, watching you with determined eyes that you’re so mesmerized, you can barely tear yourself away, you’re drawn closer to the bars, oblivious to the danger that lurks in the blink of an eye.   But such a magnificent animal in the flesh.  Standing about 2 feet away, hard to imagine, the only thing protecting you against this larger than life force are a few bars of steel.


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