Abandoned Manager’s Residence at Mittagong Maltings

Mittagong Maltings Manager's Residence

An extension of a previous post 30 Years of Decay Stands Proud – Mittagong Maltings, adjacent to Malthouse No 3 lies the Managers Residence, a quaint little house which according to records is known as the ‘Tooth’s Brewery Manager’s Residence’, although one could almost call it a cottage which leans toward a much more homely description as that is what I found the minute I stepped up on the aged front port and through the front door. I felt an odd sense of peace. Roaming the hallways of this gorgeous little home.

Walking from room to room, each one with more character than the previous.  You can almost image a family walking around, sitting around the blazing fireplace.  I love the fact that whoever had decorating authority in this home, had some wonderful design insights to bring colour into this home via the walls. The wood panelling, so carefully selected give it an abundance of character.  I love the detail of the door frames below.  the parallel carvings are something you just don’t see too often today.

And how utterly amazing is the degradation of this bathroom.  Close up of the window frames in the image collage at the bottom of this post is even better. Such a WOW factor. I was almost wishing Susan and Keiko were with me so I could get in the bathtub and have a photo taken.

Mittagong Maltings Manager's Residence

An overview map showing the location of the Manager’s Residence in conjunction to the Malthouse Buildings.

The Maltings Map

A few additional images because this house is too beautiful not to share it with everyone.  Enjoy!!

Whilst I felt peaceful during my 45 minutes exploring each room, touching every burnt amber, wooden splinter, rusted metal.  I left feeling somewhat sad at the realization that the family who might have been happy here are no more and wonder what became of them.

I realized that’s the difference between exploring abandoned factories, buildings as opposed to houses.  A house seems far more intimate and touches my soul because love lived there once upon a time.  Life and breathe ran through the gardens and the rooms.  Laughter must have permeated the halls. And now it’s a beautiful empty shell devoid of living life.

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  1. bevlea2015 says:

    great report on the Maltings, your two posts covered it so well. Loved the imager, I am visiting this location in sept but your post now has me worried the schedule wont have enough time there LOL


    1. ruthspitzer says:

      I spent 8/9 hours and for the one day it was sufficient as you do start loosing steam toward the end of the day. BUT I will be making a trip back as there are certain places I want to take a second look at again and take my ladder with me this time to get to the top floors in Malthouse No 3.


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