An acapella African thunderstorm like no other

The Angel City Chorale based in Las Angeles performs an acapella rendition of Toto’s Africa that will make you cry, reminisce and sing at the same time.  As you listen you find yourself shedding a silent tear at the sheer beauty of the performance whilst swaying to and fro from the tranquil melody, and smiling and clicking your fingers in tune to the beat.  it’s simply hypnotic.

The power of music that can uplift and transport our souls is something to marvel at. Upon hearing this rendition of Toto’s Africa, performed by the Angel City Chorale sent me into a spiral of nostalgia and longing for home again.

Living abroad for over 15 years now, you never forget South Africa, that is home and the sights and sounds that are forever etched into your memory.

I recall so well the sounds of a good old fashion Highveld Thunderstorm and if you close your eyes and listen to this song, it’s as if I’m transported back to South Africa, sitting on the patio under the thatch roof and watching a storm unfold before me and feeling that jolt of lighting shake the earth beneath your feet.  It’s truly amazing.  Something I’ve never felt living in Australia … only in Africa.

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