Comforting colours of fall in Mount Wilson

Imagine yourself cruising down avenues tucked away in the Blue Mountains, where you’re enveloped by the grandeur of trees hundreds of years old with colours that amaze you with their vibrancy and beautiful sense of comfort.  One such location known as Mount Wilson, synonymous of its gardens, natural bush land, rainforests, lookouts, walking trails, historical houses and canyons.


Only 2 hours west of Sydney, as you veer onto Mount Wilson Road, the next 3km’s you find yourself travelling along a long and winding road of turns and inclines, all the way comforted by the vast amount of flora of varying colours and textures. Some parts overwhelmingly beautiful, others vast and flat.  Often at times you feel utterly alone travelling amongst such beauty. It brings with it a strange sense of peace and solitude.  And even at the start of your journey en route to Mount Wilson Village, already you feel as if the trip has been worth the 2 hour drive.



Trees-and-Autumn-Leaves-Mount-Wilson-Blue-Mountains-NSWOnce you reach the junction where The Avenue and Queens Avenue meet, we first veered off to the right to venture down Queens avenue in search of magic in the form of Cherry Trees and other wonders.



Heading back onto The Avenue, the streets are lined with rows of limes, elms, beeches and horse chestnuts.  The is probably the avenue with the most character and variety with such a gorgeous sense of comfort and a strong sense of solidarity.




Still careening along The Avenue, just as you pass the turn off to Church Lane, glance to your right, you pass the entrance to the Bebeah Gardens with that famous little red gate.  Extremely photographic and rather quant and also very easy to miss as you’re drivingast and not specifically looking out for it.  But well worth a stop to get out and wonder about, even if just to step among the leaves and hear that tell tale autumn crunch beneath your feet and feel the unmistakable urge to want to dive down into a dense bed of leaves that litter the ground.



2016.04.16 - Mt Wilson - 109-WebWm


This year Autumn is certainly the time to visit Mount Wilson, where the local community, run by volunteers host the Autumn Festival, held on Saturday 16 April, in the village of Mount Wilson, the heritage garden village.  It’s an occasion where a handful of locals open their estates to the public, some of which are over 120 years old.  We made a stop to stroll through the Breenhold Gardens, comprising of 40 hectares of gardens, bushlands, fountains, stone walled gardens and thousands of exotic trees.

However we were somewhat disappointed. Whilst it was Autumn, Australia has had a prolonged Summer this year, resulting in Autumn not quite reaching its peak as expected, and so the gardens were not quite what we imagined.  But still lovely to stroll through.




A few additional photos of Mount Wilson

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