Painterly Papers Journal

On this page you’ll find a very favourite journal of mine. A very messy journal that I had immense fun making. It comprises of mostly scrap paper that I used to wipe excess amounts of paint off of from working on art journal pages or canvases.

After months of accumulating a stack of randomly messy painted papers, I decided to turn them into art works and added a variety of stencil patterns and additional paints. I also created pickets, tags and sewn in bits of fabric or lace or edges some papers with a running or zigzag stitch.

At the end of this messy enjoyable painted process, I created four signatures that were bound into an old vintage book, where I’d removed the internal pages, kept the cover and decorated it with paint and stencils and then bound my signatures (internal pages) with thread.

Majority of the stencils used in this project were a selection from my favourite stencil range StencilGirl Products.


Once all my painterly scrap papers had been gathered, decorated, the end result was 4 signatures to be found in a journal..

Flip Through Video

View a flip through of all painterly papers on my Youtube Channel
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Slide Show

Below is a slide show of my 35 painted pages that were bound into a journal.

Close Up of Pages

Close up of a handful of pages to showcase the beautiful stencil patterns from the StencilGirl Product range.